Does anyone remember the movie S1m0ne referenced in the title of today’s strip? It was a movie starring Al Pacino from 2002 where a movie producer digitally creates a synthespian – an actress that becomes an international celebrity. It’s a terrible movie, but an interesting idea.

Similarly, I’m not convinced that today’s comic isn’t exactly funny, but I think it’s good idea.

I certainly hope this comic doesn’t upset anyone in Australia. I know Sam Worthington is kind of a big deal there. But you have to understand, here in America, the dude came out of nowhere. I literally never heard of the guy before last year and all of a sudden he’s inserted himself into all of these huge, effects-heavy blockbusters. Terminator Salvation and Avatar in the same year? Where did this guy come from?

Now because of the box office success of Avatar, everyone acts like we’re suppose to know who this guy is. Sorry, I’m still confused. Am I alone in this?

Now Worthington is in another effects-heavy blockbuster this weekend with Clash of the Titans. This movie looks goofy as all get-out to me. But I guess that’s okay because the original was kind of goofy, too, right?

Except the original was a showcase for the unique stop-motion artistry of Ray Harryhausen. Even if the plot was crap, you could still sit back and enjoy the inventiveness of the effects work. What can a remake hope to accomplish when there are literally dozens of effects houses around the globe that can produce the kind of digital wonders we expect to see Worthington pretend to react to?

From everything I’ve heard, the new Clash of the Titans is pretty much a dud. I also heard that the studio applied the 3D process to the film late in the game to cash in on the 3D trend and it looks terrible. So if you plan on seeing the movie this weekend, don’t shell out the extra money for 3D.

Despite all of this, I still kind of want to see it. I can’t explain why other than it’s one of the first effects-heavy blockbusters out of the gate for 2010 and I’ve kind of been starving for some dumb entertainment. Consider it an appetizer before the meatier, more satisfying blockbusters yet to come like Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3.

What’s your take on Clash of the Titans? Do you plan on seeing it this weekend? What are your thoughts about Sam Worthington. Did he come out of nowhere for you, too? Leave your comments below!

↓ Transcript
You know how Sam Worthington is in Clash of the Titans?


Two years ago, I didn't know who that guy was.

Now, all of a sudden, he's starring in all these big budget special effects movies.


I'm starting to think he's not a real guy. He's like a CGI character - A SYNTHESPIAN! Any other actor would go crazy acting against bluescreens all day!

I dunno, Tom. That sounds pretty paranoid even for you!


Project: Dingo has been compromised. Repeat. Project: Dingo has been compromised.