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  1. Allan

    I love when you guys (Joe & Gordon) riff on Twilight. I have 2 teen nieces who just fawn all over this tripe. My wife has read the books, and forces herself to watch the movies because she’s a middle school teacher and “has to be in the know.” I find the stuff mind-numbingly idiotic.

  2. Pete

    You and Cami are better people than me and my wife. We totally would have started badmouthing Twilight on the spot (good-naturedly, of course). 😉

  3. Staatz

    I read comics, my wife likes twilight, we don’t tease each other about it much, so we both get to indulge ourselves in something juvenile. I think it’s a good deal.

    On an unrelated topic I’ve been reading Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up” and there is something about the style your blog posts that seem similar to his writing style…

    Anyway good luck finding work

    • Tom

      Yeah, I can’t really take too many shots against Twilight considering the bevy of juvenile activities I participate in. I think I once blogged to that effect. Twilight is just another thing people can nerd out over – like comic books, like sports, like computers – only this time – the audience is primarily girls. No harm in it.

      Also, I am taking that Steve Martin compliment and RUNNING with it.

      I haven’t read “Born Standing Up” yet, but I”d like to. I’ve read his novels, though. I’m shocked no one has made “The Pleasure of My Company” into a movie yet.

  4. colin

    Forget New Moon jokes, Edgar Wright’s new move has a trailer!

  5. Mark Monlux

    Once I read the line, “The only way I could manage to tear my eyes away from his magnificent chest was to gaze at his angelic face.” I was done. My heave-meter was maxed out. I decided that I’d set aside reading the book and opt out for the far less painful movie viewing experience. But, I still haven’t watched yet. I’m afraid. I’m so very afraid.

  6. Molnek

    See my only problem with twilight was it was a tradeoff between me and my girlfriend. She doesn’t complain about comic book movies and I don’t complain about shiny vampires. But she ends up liking the comic book movies and I still know about shiny vampires!

  7. Lance J. M.
    Lance J. M.

    For some reason, I can’t shake the voice of the character Tara from “True Blood” when I read the dialogue of the cashier. ((And now: it’s not a race thing))

  8. wren1313

    Love Tom’s comment in last panel because I have been in similar ‘You’re a woman why aren’t you getting it’ situations.

    Cami’s description of the books is spot on. Read the books, seen the movies, & both are mindless fun. I think most actor’s involved are doing it for noteriety & paychecks because anyone could walk through the roles. Hopefully, they will use the fat cash to be in better movies. What I don’t understand is why Summit Studios is pushing the whole Team Jacob versus Team Edward romantic entanglement because the books are pretty darn clear. Maybe I’m just assuming most people that are seeing the movies have read the books & that’s just not the American way!

  9. Wil

    See you at C2E2!

  10. trevor

    Edward Cullen is not a vampire. 😛

  11. JustSayErin

    I agree with Cami about the books too. I read them a few summers ago because I was bored and a few of my friends were reading them, and therefore talking about them. It was hard for me to describe, but she hit it spot on. As I was reading them, I knew that they were mindnumbingly idiotic, but yet I couldn’t put them down. My friends have forced me to see both of the movies, and one of them even got mad at me because we were in the middle of a crowded theater of fangirls and I was making fun of sparkly Edward. He was convinced that I was going to get us killed if I kept it up.

    On another note, I managed to see Hot Tub Time Machine a couple of weeks ago at an advanced screening. Personally, I wasn’t all that impressed with it. I felt that it had its funny moments, but on the whole, just not my cup of tea. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy it a bit more than I did!

  12. Hotaru

    I met a guy who was a huge Twilight fan- he’s married with two kids. I was severely disappointed and then astounded by him calling me “an anomaly” because I don’t like Twilight and I’m female.
    I have never so badly wanted to punch a person in my life.
    Love the comic though- that really is the general reaction.

  13. Kent

    Definitely shell out the extra bucks for How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. The flying scenes are amazing. It’s kind of a bummer Clash is taking a lot of it’s screens next week, but it is all about the money in Hollywood.

  14. Gray

    I just got back from seeing How To Train Your Dragon and thought it was excellent. Not even the presence of crying infants and talkative little ones could really detract from the experience. Definitely worth seeing.

  15. Joshua

    I’m currently reading Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and Voragine’s The Golden Legend because I wanted easy reads, so needless to say, I consider Meyer’s “attempt” at literature not only a pathetic piece of drival, but a literal affront to the art form. By the by, the two books I mentioned were both at one time “best sellers” (the latter being perhaps the first best seller) and were read by the common man, so my attitude is not a disdain towards popular literature, just a hatred towards bad literature.

  16. Jorn the Younger
    Jorn the Younger

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, go ahead, read Twilight. I don’t mind, and I’m not offended. All I ask is that when you’re done with those books, read more books. If your friends or family can’t or don’t recommend anything that interests you, go to a book store- a chain or a small stand-alone, or go to a library, and ask someone who works there. I can guarantee you that the person you speak to will be more than pleased to help you find your next book.

    I worked in a bookstore when young Harry of the lightning scar was very popular, and nothing made my day like when someone- young, old, or in-between, coming in and wanting to read more books.

    And, just for the record, there’s nothing at all wrong with an adult reading Young Adult / Teen Fiction; there’s nothing wrong with enjoying trashy romance novels, dime-store western serials, or anything in between. If you like it, read it.

    Then read more.

  17. Brian

    Looks like your wife has to turn in her “woman card”.

  18. DanY

    HOT TUB TIME MACHINE is a MUST SEE~!!! So F’ing Hi-Larious that you’ll trample over other people’s mother’s to go see it again. Ok, maybe trample over some of those creepy they-think-they-know-it-all fanboys-who-smell-like-cheetos-and-social-failure that are always hanging around theaters. You know what I mean.

  19. David

    Definately go see Hot Tub Time Machine. I barely stopped laughing through the entire movie. I hope to be able to see it again, so I can start to quote it with people who didn’t see it at a preview screening.

    Oh, and eloquently said Jorn.

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