Hey, guys. Remember a few weeks ago when I left a post asking for your thoughts and suggestions on ways that I could establish a greater community presence here on Theater Hopper?

Well, yesterday I found an excellent article that listed 15 different plug-ins that could help me to achieve that goal. Several of them offer a level of interactivity – not only with the site – but with other visitors that I think could be very beneficial.

I have my own ideas about what plug-ins I would like to incorporate, but I would like to get your feedback and find out what features would be valuable to you. It would be very easy to go whole-hog and install ALL of these suggested plug-ins, but I want to try a slow roll out and integrate features into the site at a pace that everyone can keep up with.

Please read the article and investigate some of the plug-ins. If you could leave your comments in reply to this post, I would appreciate it!