So I just got a new web cam after going a few years without. For the most part, it’ll be handing when I want to take a quick snapshot to update my Facebook profile with.

But I also got the cam with the idea to start streaming video of me working on the comic three nights a week through Ustream. Not just because all the popular web comic artists are doing it, but because I think it’ll be a good way to keep me honest, focused and working on the comic instead of staying up until 2 in the morning screwing around on Facebook (see the vicious cycle?)

Anyway, I just found out that in order to stream what’s on my desktop, I need to buy a program called WebCamMax and I kind of bristle at the idea of having to shell out more money without totally knowing what I’m getting into.

Who among you follow the streams of other web comic artists? What do you like about it? If Theater Hopper were to have it’s own stream where you can watch me work on the comic and maybe fire off a question or two in chat field, would you check it out?

Just trying to measure interest a little bit.