So I know that today’s comic isn’t fall-down funny, but it adds a nice little bit of progression to the plot and adds a dash of relationship conflict between Tom and Cami. I always jump at the opportunity to develop their relationship further, even if it’s only by a tiny increment.

So I guess now we’re in the thick of a “crossover” between Theater Hopper and Instant Classic. Although I don’t know if you can really call it a crossover, since we’re not sharing a storyline. I’m not sure what you would call it other than one artist gently making fun of the other in tandem with each other.

It’s funny, because I didn’t really intend for this to happen. I had only wanted to return fire from the comic Brian Carroll originally posted on his site on Sunday.

But then Brian posted a second comic and now a THIRD comic and I couldn’t let it slide.

Of course, it doesn’t help that you guys are egging me on from the sidelines. Your blood lust knows no bounds! Certainly, we are no better than the Romans…

I kid, I kid. This is all in good fun and a good way to beat back the January to February doldrums – when there are no new movies in theaters worth talking about. I mean, c’mon. Would you rather I do this, or do a comic about When In Rome? I know what I’d rather be doing…

Brian says that his next comic will be his last featuring his loutish parody version of Tom. I’m not sure if my version of Brian will extend beyond this Friday’s comic or not. I have a few ideas on how I can exaggerate my parody further, but we’ll have to wait and see. I wouldn’t want the gimmick to wear out its welcome. And besides, it looks a little mean when one guy is making fun of the other and the other guy is, like, “Yeah, I’m doing something else now?…”

That’s all for the blogging today. Thanks for swinging by the site. If you have any thoughts / reactions to our little feud, please post your comments below!

↓ Transcript
Let's get out of here. The last thing I want is to get caught in an awkward conversation with that guy.

Hello, Tom! I thought I saw you from over there!


I seemed to have misplaced my date. I was wondering if it would be okay if I watched the movie with you?

Hi, Brian. I'm Cami, Tom's wife. We'd love for you to join us.

Excelsior! I will procure our tickets!

Why do you insist on being the more mature person in our relationship.