I was looking at the poster for The Tooth Fairy trying to think of a joke that wasn’t completely obvious – when it occurred to me that we have two new movies in theaters this weekend with winged protagonists.

Okay, okay. Paul Bettany’s Michael from Legion is a fallen angel who cuts off his own wings, but you know what I mean. It’s kind of a weird coincidence, don’t you think?

And seriously, what is up with making Paul Bettany a bad-ass and sticking The Rock in a piffle of a kids movie? I understand this softening of action heroes is a great way to reach a new audience, but The Rock hasn’t kicked ass on screen since when? Doom? That was five years ago. Does that even count?

Remember when The Rundown came out and there was that passing-of-the-torch moment between The Rock and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Does anyone feel like The Rock has been given the opportunity to live up to that promise? Because I certainly don’t.

Look, I get it. The Rock has charisma. You can plug him into virtually any scenario and he makes it work. That’s why he’s in been in movies like Be Cool and Planet 51. I get it.

But can we mix in a few more action roles? Because The Tooth Fairy looks suspiciously like The Game Plan from a few years ago – a hard-nose, selfish sports guy learns about life and love through an unusual set of circumstances. They’re practically typecasting him at this point. Just my .02 cents.

Incidentally, as it relates to the comic, this isn’t the first time I’ve suggested a mash-up between films. Check out this jem from 2002 when I suggested they combine Star Trek: Nemesis with Maid In Manhattan. HILARIOUS!

That’s about all for me today. Are any of you planning on seeing The Tooth Fairy? Who thinks The Rock makes a better action star than a family film star? Is anyone aching to see The Rundown 2? Leave your comments below!

↓ Transcript
Legion and The Tooth Fairy. Two movies with winged protagonists.

Does it make any sense that Paul Bettany gets to play a bad-ass while The Rock is stuck in a kids movie?

The should have just done a mash-up and called it a day.

Are you here for my toof?

I am here for your immortal soul.