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  1. alkaline-kiwi

    I’d be keen on seeing it when it comes out in NZ. Sounds like something I’d enjoy

  2. Scotty

    I have the day off tomorrow, and I’m heading to the theater with friends all day for Whip It, Toy Story 3D, Invention of Lying, then Zombieland! It’s the all day release day that this pathetic summer never provided. I just couldn’t decide between any of them!

  3. noodles

    I want to because I love Ellen Page. I don’t want to because I don’t like Drew Barrymore in the least. I find her so annoying that it almost completely eclipses my love for Ms. Page.

    • Tom

      Barrymore the actress is barely in Whip It! She’s more like an extra in the film. I think she maybe has three lines.

      But you feel Barrymore presence in spirit. Like I said, the film is very sunny and upbeat. It actually off-sets the idiosyncrasies of the derby girls quite nicely (because many of them are notorious for making bad choices).

  4. Jimmy Russell
    Jimmy Russell

    If this movie had Kat Dennings in it then I would have bought out a whole showing because she’s awesome. I wanted to like Ellen Page but her film choices have kind of painted her into this corner of coming off as the girl who you knew in high school but wasn’t friends with her because she was stuck up and kind of a witch. Drew Barrymore is awesome though. My niece want’s to see this but since I found out about the $1.50 movie theater we rarely see anything when it first comes out. Just doesn’t make sense unless it’s something I’d REALLY like to see…like Kat Dennings in this movie.

  5. Matt Delisle
    Matt Delisle

    I half kind of want to see this movie but I think I would rather see the Invention of Lying and maybe catch this on TV.

    Side topic: I saw Zombieland last night, it’s a very good horror comedy (with emphasis on the horror). The plot was as good as could be expected in a movie like this, don’t go in expecting brilliant dialogue or anything life changing.

    The gore factor was pretty up there but it looked realistic and not over the top like some movies do. If your squeamish about gore though there are some scenes that are graphic.

    Woody Harrelson did an amazing job, he’s perfected the Mid West Bumpkin thing and his presence really carries the movie.

    Jesse Eisenberg is completly interchangable with Michael Cera in the whole nervous, whiny 20 something male category. Not a spectacular performance but beliveable.

    Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin did an ok job with the material they were given but nothing spectacular on their parts.

    All in all I would say an 8/10 – Good movie, good laughs held back by the story

  6. demonfafa

    If it was Kat Dennings, I’d be in the theater for the next two weeks. But Ellen Page is nice too.

  7. trevor

    They filmed this movie around the Ann Arbor and Detroit area, and I was told that Drew and Eve stopped into my favorite pub frequently (of course on nights that I don’t go). Friends showed me pictures to prove it. My bartender friend said that they were really nice and tipped well, and didn’t expect any kind of special treatment – they just wanted to drink and dance.

    I’ve been to a roller derby event before, and it was a lot of fun. Very exciting and fast paced. I’m looking forward to the movie.

  8. Relaxing Dragon
    Relaxing Dragon

    My interest in Whip It! is about as low as can be, so I don’t think I’ll be seeing it.

    I did see Zombieland last night, which was quite good. Plenty of very funny moments, and dig the characters.

  9. bryan

    I remember roller derby from the ’70s and I was not interested then. I live in Portland now which has a roller derby “scene” and I am not that impressed with it now.

  10. SSG Jeff (USAR)
    SSG Jeff (USAR)

    Saw “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” this weekend (in 3D). Excellent film – not in any Citizen Kane way, but it’s nicely zany, funny, and pretty much fully supported my suspension of belief for a couple hours.
    It appears that Sony Imageworks has a handle on the 3D stuff since it actually works without being totally in-your-face intrusive.

  11. wren1313

    Saw Zombieland over the weekend with my hubby and we loved it. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

    FYI… Stay through the credits, there is a nice little easter egg!

  12. James Tracy
    James Tracy

    Have not seen this film yet but, I am looking forward to it. I LOL when I saw the trailer and Ellen Paiges character was wearing a “Stryper” t-shirt. A little Google search shows that band is actualy touring and has a new CD out. Who knew? Ha Ha.

  13. Sam Kaufman

    Under normal circumstances I would have thought that Ellen Page has a really annoying way about her, but she actually did a great job in this movie; all around Whip It rocked.

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