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  1. xeranar

    Lets face the reality here, comic book movies usually cover about 3-4 months or in a massive character like spiderman about 12-15 issues but it all takes place over a few weeks. Force a two hour movie to explain a mini-series of comics that probably needed double the run time is just bad plotting. I imagine there are whole issues of the comic book that will be ignored where Wolverine meets the more contrived (thus less profitable in this “superheroes need to be realistic!” era…blah) characters.

    In the end Wolverine will be profitable, he’ll get a couple of his own films set in a more proper time frame and told with less epic grandeur but I don’t know if i’ll be able to truly muster desire for them. I love wolverine, but I love the comic book wolverine, the obnoxious blue and yellow suit, the craziness in his life, all of the contrived crap. But I am just one stupid fan….what do I know?

  2. Shawn Robare

    I think I’m going to hold off on trying to see it twice to get both endings (I never have any luck with blind boxed toys so why would I with scoring a different ending of a film?) I have to say that after X3, I want my expectations to be as low as possible for this flick because then it can do nothing but entertain me. Besides, what more do I really expect? It’s a wolverine movie for crying out loud, it’s not trying to be high cinema.

    • Tom

      I always kind of bristle when people say “It’s a comic book movie! It doesn’t have to be good!”

      I’m all for mindless entertainment, but there have been enough attempts in the genre that have shown us that a comic book movie CAN be done well. Considering my affinity and closeness with these characters, it annoys me when a film can’t meet those standards.

  3. Orpheus

    However, Michael Gough and Pat Hingle both played Alfred and Commissioner Gordon (respectively) in four consecutive Batman movies. I realize you said ‘hero’, but I thought I’d toss that in anyway.

    As for Wolverine, unless they show all the alternate endings together on TV the same way that Clue does, I doubt I’ll bother seeing it in theaters more than once. It’s hard enough to muster the enthusiasm to see it to begin with.

  4. Kieran

    I couldn’t agree with you more Tom, nothing is adding up over this movie. The leak, the publicity overdrive, and like you said, the gimicky two-endings tactic. I mean it’s no Sam Jackson’s as Nick Fury is it?

    The long and short of it is that the internet is an insanely powerful medium these days, and Fox are (hopefully) beginning to regret fucking around with the fanbase. I’ve never been a fan of X-Men or Wolverine, not because I don’t like them, they’re just something I’ve never got into so I don’t have that nostalgia element that prompts so many people to follow the productions of these movies to crazy degrees. But I’m still picturing a lot of fanboys/girls walking out of their local theatres this weekend frothing at the mouth and (more likely) hoping Fox scraps these ‘Origin’ stories for good — even though one for Magneto could be awesome if done properly. But on the plus side of things I’m betting todays comic will provide more laughs than Wolverine will 😀 Great punchline.

    So do you think we’ll ever see studios releasing movies for free like a lot of bands do these days with albums, just so long as we sit through 20 minutes of commericals? I could totally picture Fox sinking as low as that.

  5. Staatz

    I thought it was worth the ticket price, it was well cast (the actors playing Gambit and the blob were surprisingly good) and the action scenes were competently directed and the script even had a few funny lines. Sure it felt like a poor man’s x2 at times and parts of the movie were downright bad (some effects, corney lines and the plot ran a little close to x2’s at times), but when you go in expecting x-men 3 and find a mostly enjoyable action movie…

  6. Shawn Robare

    Yeah, I didn’t mean to make it sound like super hero movies can’t be good, or that there shouldn’t be some expectations. I’m just trying to get past having too much of an expectation when going into a film like Wolverine because I’ll end up nitpicking it to death and there’s almost no way it can be good at that point. I guess I’m getting sick of slapping down $10 and not enjoying the experience of watching most super hero films because of my expectations not being met. If I can go in with a clean slate I might enjoy it regardless and possibly end up happy that the film is great.

    I have to concede that the high cinema remark was probably not fair, though you have to admit that there is a difference between good films and high cinema. The original Star Wars is a great film, but it’s riddled with some clunky dialogue and some pretty campy moments. Like Wolverine, Star Wars isn’t trying to be high cinema, so it’s an expectation that can be written off…

  7. Jabrwock

    Wait, so they planned to make you buy two sets of tickets, to get two different endings, to combat piracy? Won’t this INCREASE piracy, as people try to download a screen-rip just to see 5 minutes worth of ending instead of paying $15 again to *maybe* get to see the other ending?

    Orpheus: I loved that they did that with Clue. “And now here’s what REALLY happened…”

  8. salvocheque

    “Nearly everything looks like a set”
    Could it be purposeful? Wolverine #48-50

  9. Donny Drama
    Donny Drama

    I enjoyed it. Wish they would have done better with Deadpool but at least Sabretooth and Gambit were good. Plus we got the cooler of the two endings. But yes it does look like FOX may have leaked the print to protect a movie that might not have the legs to be a tentpole film. But really how could they expect a huge box office when Star Trek opens the following week?

  10. Kevin I

    Perfect Cast, acceptable story and I was okay with most of the changes (and my quibbles there are really fanboyish and irrelevant), but the squandered it on making it a movie about introducing characters, explosions and wolverine yelling at the sky.

    If you would have taken the exact same cast and the bare bones of the story and handed it to Marvel Studios it very well could have been amazing even filled with good action and special effects. Instead you get this feeling that they wasted the opportunity to use this cast to tell this story in order to just cram a bunch of cgi laden over-the-top fight scenes together.

  11. Lawrence

    Yeah, your theory actually makes an insidious, twisted kind of sense… One I find myself agreeing with.

    and yay iron man photos, I look forward to it almost as much as the promise of a third “Batman Begins” movie simply because the first was true to form and well cast.

  12. musicalfingers

    Saw the midnight show last night, and I don’t know what people are complaining about. It was very well done, very good pace, not hard to follow at all and they did a nice job incorporating all the mutants. Deadpool made me sad, honestly – I liked Wade 🙁 Otherwise it was an EXCELLENT movie. I’ll probably see it again, in fact.

  13. totalmoviefreak

    I went on a school trip today and someone brought a bootleg version of the movie to watch. i refused to one personal grounds because I am a big supporter of the industry, I don’t like steeling (yes, I’m a prude) but I’ve have heard a lot of bad reviews. THe Houston Chronicle just panned it. I”m still interested but now a little less. Let’s wait for Iron Man 2. lol

  14. Brian Godsoe
    Brian Godsoe

    I’m leaning toward spending my mindless summer blockbuster cash for May on the new Terminator movie. I’ll see Wolverine eventually, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it about as much as X3, but it’s not a priority.

    Also apparently there is an ending out there that fixes the alleged Deadpool frak up and rumors about Ryan Reynolds in talks for a Deadpool movie. I hope all that is true. He would have to come to the realization somewhere in the film that he’s a character in a movie, that is the only thing that makes sense.

  15. Jonas

    I work in a movie theatre, and we thought it would be guest-friendly to make a big announcement about the ending after the credits. We informed them they are about to watch the “A” ending and if they want to watch the “B” ending they can come back and ask us where that one is. (our theatre received both endings).

    I have to make sure the building is clear, so i hung out in the theatre during the credits. Tension was building as people got restless and yelled for the credits to “hurry up!.”

    then it comes, the 30 seconds they have been waiting for

    and now I know what 400 people groaning at the same time sounds like.

  16. joshua

    I saw it last night before I came into work. It was–for what it was–really good, though not without it’s flaws. Obviously, Deadpool is a complaint. I think that could’ve been done better. And Gambit felt tacked on. Still, I think the one thing that could’ve made it spectacular would’ve been at the least, thirty more minutes of exposition. The whole thing felt rushed–not that a story as vast as Wolverine’s could be told in such confined space as a two hour movie, let alone two and a half. Regardless, I don’t feel the need to defend it. I think it does a fairly decent job of that without me.

  17. Orpheus

    So having seen the movie now, I’ve gotta say that it was definitely the best Highlander movie I’ve ever seen.

  18. Shawn Robare

    Orpheus – That’s funny. Yeah I think Wolverine threatens to cut off like people’s heads like every five minutes.

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