WHOA! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Well, maybe you did. But I like to think you didn’t. Who knew that Jimmy and Charlie’s past intersected so much earlier than we thought? And, by the way, in case you aren’t familiar with Charlie’s backstory or why she’s important, you can read her origin story here (hey, just closin’ the loop for the new readers!)

I know introducing Charlie as the “woman who changed everything” for Jimmy raises all sorts of questions. For example, if Jimmy and Charlie used to be together, why haven’t we heard anything until now? Why hasn’t Jimmy tried to approach Charlie when she’s visited the theater? Don’t worry! We’re going to get to all of that in the next couple of weeks.

I would say this is about the half-way point for the storyline and I’m really excited to tell the rest. What’s been revealed at this point could be a game-changer in the future and redefine some of the relationships in the comic. This is the point where we start to pick up speed!

I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead so I don’t reveal too much more!

As for this weekend’s movies, I want to try and see Clive Owen in The International because I’m really interested in seeing that shoot-out they filmed inside the Guggenheim. But it’s going to be pretty difficult for me to get away. Not only because Saturday is Valentine’s Day, but Sunday we’re having everyone over to celebrate Henry’s second birthday! Henry’s actual birthday is the 18th (and I’ll be talking more about him then.) But for the celebration, it’s just easier to get everyone together on Sunday. As such, not a lot of free time for movies. We gotta scrub down the house and get things ready!

That’s all for me today. So, what do you think about the big reveal? Are you excited to learn more? Where will things go from here? Share your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

↓ Transcript
I went to a bonfire party in Davenport when I met the woman who changed everything.


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