Hey, guys. Sorry that this comic was late. As you can see, it was inspired by The Fourth of July and I meant for it to go up yesterday.

My plan was to take the oddly placed vacation day here in the middle of the week to do something extra fun for you. It didn’t work out like I planned because I’m still having computer problems. Maybe you can help.

As you know, my computer crapped out on me last week. So, last weekend I installed a new 320GB HD in my machine. I put Windows XP on it and the computer is booting up fine.

The only problem is, now the computer things that the old 20GB HD I was using to store Theater Hopper stuff is the C:/ drive and it identifies my new 320GB HD as the G:/ drive.

Is there anyway I can get the computer to recognize the new HD as C:/ so I can remove the old 20GB?

I’m sure your first response will be “Just remove the 20GB HD, ya dummy!” But when I attempted to do that, Windows wouldn’t start up. The computer thinks it needs it to make it run.

I’ve talked to Dell customer service. They’re useless. They want me to reinstall the operating system and all the drivers. After everything I’ve been through this week, I’m not enthused with that option. So I’m turning to you guys for help.

I talked to a friend who told me to buy a program called “Ghost” that will take a snapshot of the 320GB HD, then he instructed me remove the 20GB HD, reformat the 320GB HD and run Ghost. He said I would be back to normal in 15 minutes.

Does anyone here have thoughts or suggestions? It pretty much seems like another reinstall is my only option, but I don’t wanna.

For the time being, my computer is working fine. I’m able to scan in, color and upload comics. It’s just not working to my complete satisfaction. The 20GB drive is old. It came from the computer before last. It’s also very loud when it’s running. Plus, I’m afraid if the thing ever does fail, it’ll be inevetable that I’ll have to do a complete reinstall on the new drive. So if I’m already digging around in there, maybe now is the time to do it. I just want the most effective solution.

So, let me know!

Sorry that today’s post doesn’t have all that much to do with movies. Between these computer problems, the holiday and everything else, I’m really disjointed.

I was hoping to see Transformers last night, but the computer issues put the kibosh on that one. I think Cami and I might try to see it this weekend. Originally, neither of us were interested, but I felt compelled to go because I knew it would be the movie everyone would be talking about. Cami has since read some reviews and I think she’s more open to seeing it. So, that’s an option.

Incidentally, there will be a third (!!!) comic for Friday about Transformers – so you have that to look foward to!

Talk to you soon!

↓ Transcript
Dude, let’s go or we’re going to be late for Blow ‘Em Up IV!

I’m gonna pass.

What?! Are you kidding?!

Dude, it’s the Fourth of July! The one time of year we’re allowed to embrace our piggish American-ness!

This movie has, like, four times the explosions! It’s been bankrolled by Budweiser and Kentucky Fried Chicken, for Pete’s sake!

I think a chick shows her boobs for, like, ten seconds.

Start the car…