I’ll admit that the idea for Ocean’s 1 through 10 as verbal confusion probably isn’t a new one and that most of you probably look at this joke like “Yeah, and?…”

But you know in the back of your mind that somewhere out there some dim-witted fella is sitting in a shack somewhere HONESTLY trying to figure out why he can’t remember seeing Ocean’s 1 through 10.

Whatever. I’m enjoying the concept of today’s comic – that Jimmy longs so hard to fit in, he tries to engage Tom with some sarcasm. But it’s just too forced. I like that Tom is kind of playing along without flat out calling him an idiot.

Jimmy isn’t really an idiot, of course. It’s just that wit isn’t his stock and trade. Being nice is what he’s best at and that’s pretty much it.

Ocean’s 13 comes out this weekend and Cami and I are excited to see it. Ocean’s 11 was a film we admire for it’s relaxed, high-polish cool. Even though most critics lambasted Ocean’s 12 as being bloated and overdone, we still enjoyed it’s Euro-trash sensibilities.

Admittedly, I was a little surprised that they brought the action back to Vegas. In this installment, Ocean’s gang isn’t out for money, but out for revenge when their financier played by Elliott Gould is muscled out of a new casino by the oily Al Pacino. So while I questioned the location as an attempt to undo what went wrong with Ocean’s 12, the revenge concept captures my attention more than if it were a straight up heist film.

I guess they managed to wrangle up David Levin and Brian Koppelman to do the screenplay. Their names might not be familiar, but they were the two writers who did Rounders – another movie about gambling with Matt Damon in it. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Ed Norton delivers a great performance it in as well.

At any rate, seeing those two attached to Ocean’s 13 also excites me simply because Rounders did such a good job with the double crosses and the sharp dialogue. If you consider the law of diminishing returns on most sequels, it’ll probably be an appropriate shot in the arm to have these two on duty.

I don’t know if you had a chance to listen to Monday’s broadcast of The Triple Feature, but if you didn’t you missed a doozy. I think we had a great show on Monday and we really covered a lot of ground. The show went long by about 20 minutes, but not one of them was wasted. If you want to get our opinions about Knocked Up, Once, Mr. Brooks and Day Watch, go to our profile page at TalkShoe.com and download the most recent episode. Your ears will thank you for it.

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Sound cool? Cool!

That’s it for me. Have a great Wednesday!

↓ Transcript
So, Jimmy what do you think of Ocean’s 13? Is it any good?

Oh, man! Don’t get me started on these summer sequels!

First it was Spider-Man 3, then Shrek 3, then Pirates 3!

I’m amazed they got Ocean’s 13 into theaters. Ocean’s 1 through 10 weren’t anything to write home about!

Oh! I get it! This is you being clever, right?

Did you laugh? I came up with it a week ago!