I did something a little different with today’s sketch. I did a quick coloring job because I wasn’t sure if it was being communicated clearly in black and white that Tom wasn’t wearing any pants. Maybe I should have left it in black in white. The thought of Tom naked makes me want to rip out my eyes and bury them. What does that say when the character is based on me? I’ve got to LIVE with this body!

Puss in BootsIn case you’re wondering exactly why Tom would not be wearing any pants, please refer to this image of Puss in Boots from the forthcoming Shrek the Third. As you’ll see, he continues the long tradition of anthropomorphic characters who stubbornly do not wear trousers. You can thank Donald Duck and Porky Pig before you, Puss. Welcome to the club.

At any rate, if you’re going to wear an AUTHENTIC Puss in Boots costume, prepare to go pantsless. That’s COMMITMENT, people!

You know, now that I kind of study the picture a little bit, he seems pretty happy about the no-pants situation. It must be very liberating.

I don’t have much more for you this evening. Cami has been sick this week, so I’ve been on full-time Henry duty in the evenings. This, coupled with the fact that we’re getting up earlier to take Henry to day care in the mornings has left me pretty much wiped out. Sorry, but it’s starting to catch up with me. I need to get some sleep.

Have a great weekend, everyone!