Ask you may recall, Tom and Cami had a monkey friend that was hanging around for a while. His name was Dewey and he didn’t get along with Truman so well. Turns out he didn’t die! Good work if you can get it… Don’t worry, though. He’s not coming back full-time. Just a nice "how do you do" from the Left Coast.

Every once and  while I get the itch to do a comic without and dialouge. Actually, that and facial expressions have become very interesting to me lately. I don’t know why I feel the need to share that with you. I guess there’s never been much shame in admitting that I’m still learning new things all the time and I enjoy discussing the means by which I push story and art in different directions.

Not much to say about the comic beyond that.

I should probably let you guys know that I’ve finished the first draft of the Theater Hopper: Year One book. In case you don’t recall me mentioning it earlier, I’ve been coming into my office on the weekends collecting the comic from the first year of the site – all 156 of them – and writing commentary for each. On Saturday I finished all of the layout and commentary work. Now I’m onto the proofing stage. I’m going to print out the whole book and hand it over to Cami for spelling and grammar screw-ups – of which I am certain there will be many. Cami has a much better eye for these kinds of things. She’s worked in public relations for years, but she’s been good at that kind of thing since high school. Me? I just draw pretty pictures. I never double-check my work.

Anyway, while Cami is working on the content proof, I’ll be writing the introduction, dropping in the cross-over comics I did with Movie Punks, adding the guest strips from that era and writing a tutorial on how I put together the comic. I’m looking forward to that last one. We’re going to stage a bunch of photos and show you my work space. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

I was going to write about seeing The Pink Panther and Capote this weekend, but I forgot what I was going to say. I’ll leave another post if it comes back to me.


↓ Transcript
Dear former family,
I did not die on that tall building.I found work in Hollywood. They put me in a motion capture suit for "Curious George." I am making millions. Who's sorry now?

- Dewey

P.S. Tell Truman I hate him.