I’m continuing with the Harry Potter goodness this week, so if you vote for Theater Hopper at buzzComix, you’ll be treated to an incentive sketch of Jared as a Hippogriff! We’re really blurring the lines of zoology with this one!

Not much to talk about comic wise. Just plugging along, doing a full week of comics devoted to Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I guess I always did wonder what Hermione saw in Ron. You’d think that Harry would be getting all the girls – what with his celebrity status and all.

But then you realize that when there are all these mystical forces conspiring to kill you year after year, you probably don’t have the emotional capacity to remember your 5 week anniversary with some chick you meet in the Commons Room…

We’re still getting lots of e-mail concerning Truman and his recent bout at the vet’s office. Lots of people still sending their warm wishes. Others sending follow-up notes asking how he’s doing.

As always, you concern is overwhelming! I had no idea so many people would take an interest in our little beagle. But we’ve got a lot of people out there with big hearts, so I shouldn’t be too surprised!

Truman is doing much better and is eating, sleeping and running around like usual. We still have him on his painkillers and antibiotics until our vet tells us otherwise. Frankly, I think he should take every last one of those pills – we paid for them! But we’ll wait and see what the doctor says.

Incidentally, I’m taking Truman to the vet after work to have his staples removed. We’re ready to take those things out. We’re tired of looking at them. The skin has kind of risen up between the staples. He looks and feels like the spine of a football!

I’ll try to remember to take some pictures later so you can all see Truman in action. That might be a treat for those of you nice enough to send your letters.

Watch this space for updates!

↓ Transcript
I know we’re seeing the movie on Friday, but I just finished reading The Prisoner of Azkaban.

But what I don’t get is the romance between

Hermione and Ron. What does she see in him?

Oh, Ron. What is it about you I find so captivating?

Is it your second hand robe? Your pet rat?

Maybe it’s the way you cower in fear at the slightest hint of danger!


Hey! Any chance I can take a peek at that broken wand of yours!

So you don’t have a problem with the magic or the wizards, but it’s the romance that you find unbelievable?!

Well, that and I pictured Ron would be taller.