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Not much going on with this comic other than how I’m still flabbergasted that such a ridiculous movie like You Got Served could claim the top of the box office this weekend. It’s like I said in Monday’s blog, it’s the Kangaroo Jack of 2004. A film that has no business being foisted upon a mass audience and here it is raking in the dough.

I think the only reason You Got Served did any business is because of the lousy winter weather across the country affecting people’s judgment. I know I’m a little loopy after shoveling my driveway 8 times in 8 days. My forearms are screaming in pain.

Hopefully Barbershop 2 can knock it off it’s perch this weekend. I never got around to seeing the original, but it looks funny as hell. I hope the sequel doesn’t disappoint.

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That’s it for now. Sorry I don’t have more amusing anecdotes, but I think all the Excedrin I’m taking for muscle pain is thinning the blood going to my brain.

↓ Transcript
Hey, Cami. There's a big sale at the mall? Wanna go?

Yeah, but Tom doesn't want me spending money right now. I'll have to distract him so I can sneak out.

HEY, TOM! Didja hear You Got Served was the number one movie in the country?


What is this country coming to when such devious tripe can captivate the masses?!

It boggles the mind! I could talk to myself about it for hours!

Honey, I'm home! Did you have a productive afternoon.