I’ve been informed that there has been some misunderstanding in regard to my earlier blog where I discussed my hosting provider Fuitadnet.com. I don’t want anyone to misinterpret what was said, so I’m taking this opportunity to clarify my comments.

I did not mean to imply that the site was wiped off the server in a bid to boost performance. Rather (or at least to my understanding), Fuitadnet was trying to correct lag issues on the box Theater Hopper was hosted and during that time, the site was ACCIDENTALLY deleted. I never meant to suggest that this was anything Fuitadnet did on purpose.

When confronted with the problem, Fuitadnet did everything in their power to save the sites of their customers. When that could not be done, they were quick to establish new accounts and were gracious enough to give one month of free service. It is because of this excellent customer service that I choose to keep my business with them. Inconvenience aside, they have been the best service provider I have ever done business with. They have been prompt to return any questions and always generous with their time and support. Anyone with a web site would be lucky to work with them.

I can understand how it would be easy to take what I said earlier out of context, but it was not meant to reflect negatively against Fuitadnet.com. It was simply me explaining what had happened and why the site was down. I’ve learned that in matters of business to either be as specific as possible, or say nothing at all. I did neither in this case and want to apologize to Fuitadnet.com for any undue stress this has caused them.

With the knowledge that some of you had contacted Fuitadnet.com over this episode in a confrontational manner, I wish to thank you for supporting Theater Hopper, but request that you please refrain from directing any negative criticism or accusations in my defense. Not to sound ungrateful, but I can speak for myself. If there is a problem, I can deal with it. I guess I’m disappointed that a lack of details on my end resulted in people trying to admonish Fuitadnet.com for something beyond their control.

Regardless, it’s water under the bridge. The site is back up and things are returning to normal. So let’s focus on what we’re here for – having a good time and ignoring drama like this down the road.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support!