In a thread where we were all talking about Howard Dean and his recent Iowa caucus meltdown, one of the users in the forum posted a link to a political comic called Fillibuster.

I’ve been aware of Filibuster for a while and I admire the artwork. I’m just not a regular reader because if I wanted political cartoons, I could open up any newspaper.

None of this would be important except I stumbled across this comic which casts Iowans in a less than flattering light.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want you guys to flame Filibuster. I’m not trying to start some big inter-drama here. But it seems unfair that some kid from Canada is promoting a stereotype like this to his audience. So my thought it, if he has a forum to place this misconception into the universe, I have an equally valid soapbox to counter it.

I mean, I know it’s supposed to be funny. And, granted, Iowa has a pretty large redneck population. But that image doesn’t represent me and I take issue with the idea that all Iowans are sitting around in straw hats mulling over serious political decisions while taking council from our dear pig Wilbur.

I’m sure if I made a comic that featured a profusely apologetic lumberjack from Ottawa who drinks only maple syrup and rides a moose, most of Canada wouldn’t be too happy with me either.

I should probably just lighten up.