I need to get this out of the way before I forget about it for the weekend and look like a total ass.

Dave over at Snafu Comics was nice enough to stick one of my characters in a cameo in Friday’s strip. It’s pretty funny and accurately reflects some opinions I had about Final Fantasy X. I remember vividly thinking “Okay, now when is the game going to start?” after, oh, about 2 hours into the game. All things equal, I still think it’s pretty fun. It goes even faster the second time through.

At some point, I need to make some space on the Bonus Materials page for strips where my characters have made cameos. It’s really a pretty awesome compliment that another artist would think highly enough of your work to sit down and tryin their hand at a rendition of your characters. Gotta get on that…

While we’re speaking of jaw-dropping compliments, I totally forgot to give a shout-out to Aric over at Fish Strips for making it to the big five-oh – 50 strips. Aric included some very nice messages to artists in the community to commemorate the event. Our humble operation was one he gave the nod to.

You can check out his comments, here and here. Thanks, Aric! And keep rockin’ the booty smooth!