I gotta tell ya, I had one hell of a time coming up with an idea for today's strip, so there is no grand story behind it's origin. Just lots of grabbing at straws. I doubt I could spin gold from the one I chose, but I'm not going to get a nasty rash from it, either. The less said the better. It's just one of those days.

I had a pretty low-key weekend and, unfortunately, couldn't muster the energy to get out and see any of the movies I wanted to see. That's okay. Everyone needs a do-nothing weekend every now and again. It was nice not to have any obligations.

Cami, on the other hand, was able to make it out to the multiplex and took in Two Weeks Notice with a friend. Cami is usually my movie partner in crime, but I was more than happy to sit this one out. But I had second thoughts when both her and her friend came back to report that the film was both genuinely affecting, well written and acted. They seemed sincere and not at all blinded by any notions of romantic overkill most of these movies try to cram down your throat.

If anyone else has seen it, I'd be curious to hear your reactions. I'm wondering if I may have lost an opportunity to rack up some brownie points on a movie that wouldn't have been that tough to sit through.

I finally decided to replace the poll regarding Top Web Comics. It had a better turn out this time around with about 180 submitted votes. The final percentage came out with 50.8% of people saying I SHOULD NOT join the TWC and the other 49.2% said I should.

Jeeze, not only is the American voting public split on whether or not to have one party to run the government, but it apparently boils down to matters as mundane as these!

I pretty much had my mind made up on the matter before I posted the poll and felt with a large share of certainty that I would no affiliate myself with the TWC. But I ran the poll simply to see if there was enough public opinion to convince me that, hey, maybe the TWC isn't so bad after all. I guess my initial assumption was correct. Thanks to everyone who voted.

The new poll is a little on the softball side. It's basically just an opinion poll to see what aspect of the site you like the most. The results probably won't bring about much change, but if there is a surprising percentage of you who really hate the About page, who knows? It might get the heave-ho.

I just want to give a quick shout-out over to the people at the Webcomic Choice Awards for their new site, WCA: Webcomic News. Eventually, the two sites will merge and they are still in there beta phase, but I wanted to call attention to a great idea that The One has put together. If he plays his cards right, I can see this becoming a major hub for web comics that doesn't revolve around vote-whoring or ugly competition. He has an awesome PHP-Nuke set up that makes things easy to navigate and infinitely customizable. Go check it out.