I thought I would take the opportunity to stumble in here this morning to wish a happy-belated-digital birthday to my wife Cami. Her birthday was Sunday and I wanted to declare my love and well wishes in front of the world! Happy Birthday, honey!

I won’t divulge her age because a gentleman never speaks for a lady. I also won’t give out her work e-mail address so everyone can send her birthday wishes because that’s just common sense.

HOWEVER, if you’d like to swing over to the forums, she has an account there and you can wish her well through her personal message box. I don’t know how often she goes into the forums to check those things, but maybe now that I’ve put out the call for response front and center, she’ll drop by and pick up her messages. Maybe if you’re REALLY nice, she might put together her first post for this area!

Shout-outs to a couple of new link-buddies.

Be sure to check out The Misc. I think the writing is really sharp. The art has attitude and you can tell these guys are having fun.

Also stop and visit Tribbel. Their site design is rock-solid and I was immediately attracted to it. The strip is also very cute and nicely put together. Props to the Tribbel crew for the introductory Flash movie that starts things off right. Makes me wish I came up with it first… or knew Flash.