I’m having too much trouble with Microsoft Outlook to continue messing around with it anymore. From now on, instead of sending e-mails to tom@theaterhopper.com, please forward all correspondence to theaterhopper@hotmail.com. All of the other mailto: links on the site should reflect this change.

I know trading in one Microsoft product for another really isn’t an improvement, but I’ve been using hotmail since, like 1996. It’s what I’m used to and it’s too late to change.

Also, for those of your having trouble with the forums, I tweaked the permissions and hopefully it will clear up and roadblocks you were running into.

Last thing I’ll mention, I’m looking for a good FREE news service that I can post to the front page. I was thinking something like Moreover, but apparently, they don’t give out their scripting for free anymore. If you have any suggestions, e-mail me.