Today a still from Sylvester Stallone’s forthcoming Bullet to the Head was released and I’m kind of unsure how I feel about it.

Bullet to the Head, Sylvester Stallone, gross

Please keep in mind that this man is 65 years-old. He’s in phenomenal shape, don’t get me wrong. I’m jealous and humbled as any man with a rotting gut full of Cheetos can be. But I’m not sure if Stallone’s physique is something we should be celebrating or not.

He’s all veins and sinew. He looks like Iggy Pop, or something – only less leathery and more plasticized. He looks like he was wrapped in cellophane and spent about 4 hours in a steam room before taking that picture.

Maybe I’d be a little more impressed with how Stallone looks if I didn’t know he was busted for importing steroids into Australia a few years ago.

For those curious, Stallone plays a New Orleans hitman who teams up with a cop played by Jason Statham to take down a mutual enemy. The film comes out April of next year.