It’s been almost a decade since the disappointment that was Men In Black 2 (hey, that’s what you get when you cast Johnny Knoxville as comedic relief!) so it seems weird to me now that they’re unfolding Men In Black 3 next year.

More importantly, is it not weird to anyone else that neither Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones have aged that much in the last decade?

Then again, it seems like Tommy Lee Jones has been perpetually 55. At least since The Fugitive in 1993. So he probably made a deal with a warlock, or something.

Check out the new trailer below.

Josh Brolin’s impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones looks to be spot-on. But between this and his performance as President George Bush in Oliver Stone’s W., I wonder if he’s becoming concerned that he’ll be typecast as an impersonator of Texas-bred celebrities.

I certainly would be.

What’s your reaction to Men In Black 3? The mystery element has me intrigued. The time-travel component screams pure “trope” to me. Will Smith seems to be delivering the same smarm act that he’s been peddling since he punched an alien in Independence Day.

I’m kind of wondering if they didn’t introduce the time-travel idea and Josh Brolin into the story as to give Tommy Lee Jones less screen time and prevent the audience from asking questions about his potential dealings with age-defying warlocks.

Just a theory.

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