Remember the Summer of 2011? The sequels, the superhero movies and the throngs of “adult” movie goers who complained that there wasn’t anything that met the needs of their discerning taste?

Somehow, Crazy, Stupid Love filled that void and became the antidote for kiddie movies and blockbusters. I’m not sure how. The movie was very much about surface impressions and, in the end, very much a farce. But the whiners were appeased and went back to their domiciles to eat cheese and drink a nice merlot.

Meanwhile, here comes The Debt – a taut, emotional espionage thriller about former Massad agents who worked together in 1960’s East Berlin to track down a Nazi war criminal. Things go wrong and they’re still dealing with the fallout several decades later.

Meanwhile, no one is talking about it.

I don’t know if the pedigree of the film is turning people off or if it just looks too complex since it’s about espionage and takes place in two different time periods. But it’s been getting great reviews and is probably worth checking out. Frankly, you had me at “Helen Mirren.”

Is anyone else planning on checking out The Debt this weekend?