The Little Mermaid, Disney, Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine recently published a very thorough and interesting article called “Your Guide To Disney’s 50 Animated Features.” If you’re a Disney-phile or an animation buff like I am, it’s well worth your time to read. The list includes a few behind-the-scenes production details that help flesh out your understanding of the films.

In particular, I was fascinated to revisit the films from the early 2000’s. Specifically films like Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Treasure Planet, Brother Bear and Home on the Range. I’ve given those films their fair share of guff, but it’s important recognize that they weren’t the flops that some people made them out to be and – perhaps – aren’t as terrible as you remember.

Compiled as a whole, Disney’s cinematic accomplishments are astounding. It’s easy to heap praise on the standouts like Peter Pan or The Lion King. But I am much more interested in how the so-called “lesser” films have been woven into the tapestry of the venrible studio’s history.

Check out the article and chime in with your thoughts about The House of Mouse in the comments below!