This is kind of unprecedented for me, but I’m going to go ahead and make the call right now – Wednesday’s comic is going to be late.

The reason for this is because I have a very important job interview on Wednesday and I don’t want to risk it by staying up late on Tuesday night working on the comic.

Normally, spending the evening working on the comic would not be an issue, but Tuesday night I also have my night class and won’t be home until late.

I’ve always made a point of having new comics here for you guys every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you guys have rewarded me with your loyalty. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

But considering the long-term implications of this interview, I feel I can’t risk failing to bring my “A” game by staying up late Tuesday to work on a comic for Wednesday.

Wednesday’s comic will most likely be up on the site sometime later that evening. So I encourage you to check back later in the day.

You can also receive updates from my Twitter account or the Theater Hopper Facebook page.

Thanks again for your support and understanding!