A couple of days ago I posted images of a few t-shirt designs I was working on. Response was generally positive and I have been encouraged! Thank you!

One of the designs I’m taking back to the drawing board and adjusting. But the other design was received well enough that I’ve decided to go forward with production. Starting today, you can pre-order the Spoiler Alert t-shirt. Next Wednesday, April 22, I will submit those orders to the printer.

For those of you who forgot what the design looked like, here’s a reminder:

Spoiler Alert t-shirt

Talk Movies t-shirt

You’ll notice that I added a tag line to the back of the shirt. The feedback I received the other day pointed out that a shirt that says “SPOILER ALERT!” on the front kind of sets up an expectation for some kind of spoiler. I agreed, but I didn’t want it to be a specific movie spoiler. I already have two shirts that do that. Instead, I decided to make the statement more general and reflective of your passion and knowledge and movies. In a way, the shirt says “Watch out! I know so much about movies, I might accidentally spoil one for you. But, hey – my t-shirt DID try to warn you!”

I had a suggestion to print the tag line on the back in black ink. Think about it for a second. Black ink on a black shirt. Kind of like a hidden message or sort of like how you have to highlight text in a forum or on a web site to reveal a spoiler.

I really like that idea and I’m asking my printer if it’s advisable to go this route. I don’t want the tag line to be obscured completely, so we’re looking into ink that is perhaps shinier or more reflective so it catches the light. I’m thinking I might do a “Limited Edition Super Spoiler” edition of the shirt. Maybe only print up 5 of each size. We’ll see. I’ll be sure to let you know what we find out.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Place your orders now so I know how many of each size to get. This pre-order will also help me determine the popularity of the shirt and if it’s an item I want to continue producing going forward.

I really like the design and appreciate the feedback you guys gave me the other day. I hope you like the shirt as well and consider adding it to your already impressive collection of ironic t-shirts.