Hey, guys!

I just wanted to send a quick note to everyone to let them know that we’ve recently upgraded the RSS feed for the site. Whereas before there would be one post with the link and title of the most recent comic and another post with the most recent blog, we’ve now compiled everything into a single post! As an added value, you can now also SEE the comic in the feed. It’s not a lonely link anymore!

There was some concern about posting the comic and blog independent of the site. If you’re reading it in the feed, you’re not coming to the site and that kind of sucks because I’m missing out on the traffic. But then I figured “Who cares?” Because if the point is to get the comic in front of as many people as possible, it’s limiting to say “This is the only way you get to see it.” That’s like saying “I’ve got a great widget, but I’m only going to advertise it on radio!” Make the tools available to people to read your stuff the way they want to read it and let the chips fall where they may!

MAJOR credit goes out to my man Anthony DiSanti. He wrote the entire script and put up with several back and forth messages as we tweaked things. He did this all while taking Finance and Information Systems classes at NYU and working a part time job. He’s a friggin’ dynamo and I totally appreciate his hard work to help me bring this to you.

Anthony has a web site you can vist it at http://anthonydisanti.blogspot.com. Why don’t you swing by and say “Hi” and thank him for all his hard work! Thank you, Anthony!

You can subscribe to the RSS feed using the reader of your choice through FeedBurner. Here’s the link:

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Happy reading, everyone!