Okay, I mentioned in the earlier rant-heavy blog that there was some important news regarding the store. No reason to beat around the bush, so here it is:

At midnight Monday, October 31 I will remove t-shirts, hoodies and baby doll tees from the store. At which time "Truman in a Purse," "Under Construction" and "Emerging" will be discontinued, never to be printed again. Sales on the remaining designs will be suspended for an undetermined amount of time. When these areas of the store are re-opened, the remaining shirts might end up redesigned, so if you want a shirt in this style, now is the time to buy. Sales of posters, buttons, and the DVD will continue during this time.

The motivation for this is two fold. The first reason is because I am currently behind on fulfilling orders. Of the items I have in stock, everything has been sent out. However, there are still many orders left over where I do not have the right size in the right design or what have you.

I am in the situation where I have these several orders left over, but not enough to warrant a complete restock from the printer. It is my hope that with this final push I will accumulate enough orders to raise my position so I can meet the printer’s minimum order requirements.

The second reason is because I want to burn through what inventory I have left and start fresh with the store. That means retiring some designs and coming out with new ones. So if you ever wanted "Truman in a Purse," you have until October 31 to order it. After that, it will be gone forever.

I realise that there are many of you who are perhaps younger and don’t have access to PayPal or a credit card. If that is the case, please send me an e-mail and we can discuss alternate methods of payment. I’m fairly receptive to whatever works for you and want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to get the shirt they want.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it. Hopefully this will generate some interest and we can get these shirts out the door!

As always, thanks for your support. I never expected that I would be able to sell t-shirts that featured my ideas or my artwork and it has been a certain joy to bring this to you.

Best wishes, all.