This isn’t me trying to be a big shot or anything. I just like celebrating milestones.

I checked Theater Hopper’s statistics for the month of November and we posted our biggest number of unique visitors in the history of the site – 170,124.

This blows my mind. It breaks our previous record by about 10,000 hits.

Like I said, this isn’t me trying to brag. And really, when you compare those numbers to some of the other web comics out there – several that even started after Theater Hopper – there’s not a lot of reason to call attention to it. Most sites wouldn’t want to tell you the traffic they do because it might make them look “weak” in face of the “competition.”

I don’t feel that way. I’m only in competition with myself and my prize – my validation – is to make the best comic I can. Of course I want to share my passion with others, so if there’s an audience for it, why not put it out there?

I sometimes think it’s easy to overlook exactly what those numbers mean. Frankly, I’m stunned that there is anyone out there interested enough in what I’m doing not only to visit once, but keep coming back or even mention it to their friends. Theater Hopper is growing because of the dedication and support you’ve shown and I just wanted to thank you for it.

All 170,124 of you.