I’m looking forward to this weekend a lot. I’ll tell you why on Monday.

I am very disappointed that I did not get to see Following. I rented it, but ran out of time. I guess I’ll rent it again next week.

I did get to see two other movies though.

Neighbors: This John Belushi / Dan Aykroyd flick is pretty funny at times. Over all, it doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it’s fun to see these guys together again. It seems that this was Belushi’s last film.

Little Nicky: I had not seen this before, having heard many different opinions like “I love it blah blah” or I hate it blah blah.” I finally got around to seeing for myself what this movie really was. I like it quite a bit. It is definitely not Sandler’s best film, but it’s not Anger Management either. Though VERY strange at times, I would definitely watch this again.