I was checking my site statistic logs this morning and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw I had received over 1,000 hits before 9 AM.

Then I checked the referrals and learned they were all coming from Ctrl+Alt+Del. I did a guest strip for Absath and I guess he put it up.

I kind of wish I would have known this was happening today. I feel like the host of a party and the house is a mess and my hair is still wet because I just got out of the shower and the rump roast is burning in the oven and… JETSON! YOU’RE FIRED!

In any case, I open my doors to the fans of Ctrl+Alt+Del. Please feel free to look around. Start at the begining, if you like. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Just please try to refrain from making out in the coat closet. However, if you like what you see and could extend me a little vote love over at Top Web Comics, I might look the other way!