As part of this holiday weekend, today's incentive sketch is an image of Jared wishing you and yours a very happy AND SAFE Fourth of July. Click here to view it!

In case you're wondering what product I'm referencing in today's comic, you can find information about it here. This isn't the first time that the Theater Hopper crew has suffered injury caused by carefully marketed comic book movie licensed merchandise. And if you forgot, here's a refresher.

Does everyone remember back in the day when Silly String used to be flammable? I know you've all seen that footage from America's Funniest Home Videos where some dude is about to blow out the candles on his birthday cake just before someone unleashes a wad of Silly String in his face when his lips are inches from the flames. The dude lights up like a stack of dry twigs.

I guess these days the makers of Silly String learned it's a good idea not to physically scar people for life and went ahead and made their product non-flammable. I was at least hoping to find a video of that footage somewhere so I could link to it. Oh, well.

Wanna talk about Spider Man for a minute? I know I do!

So Cami and I saw the sequel opening night and I couldn't have been more excited. I'll spare you the full-length review because I think everyone should go out and see this movie with fresh eyes, if possible - but I enjoyed it immensely!

You can tell that Raimi and company really settled into a groove on this one. The action sequences are very fluid and astounding. And for fans, there are tons of small references to the comics littered all over the place.

"Hey? Is that Dr. Conners, AKA 'The Lizard?' And isn't that shot a recreation from the classic cover to Amazing Spider-Man #50?"

Oh, yeah. You comic book fans are going to love this one!

Just as the first movie was able to do, Spider-Man 2 is peppered with several great scenes. After losing his powers and landing on a rooftop, Spidey has to ride the elevator down to street level and has an uncomfortable conversation with the individual he's riding down with! And when Doc Ock's tentacles first spring to life, it's truly a terrifying moment! (Be sure to keep an eye out for the Evil Dead reference).

I like how the story allowed for the secondary characters to breath a little more. Aunt May, Harry Osborne and J. Jonah Jameson all have a chance to really expand their range.

Of course it's Tobey Maguire who sells it as Peter Parker and his alter ego. He perfectly captures the conflict and guilt he suffers trying to balance his two lives. The scene where he admits responsibility for his Uncle Ben's death to Aunt May is heartbreaking and the core of the movie.

I don't often see the same movies twice while they're in theaters. At least not anymore. Even though I love the first movie, I only saw it once before buying it on DVD.

The sequel is everything I could have hoped for and more. MUCH better than the original, it improves upon it's formula in nearly every category. Don't be surprised if you see me standing in line to watch it again this weekend!

That's it for now. For all my American readers, have a safe and happy Fourth of July! See you here on Monday!