Things have come to a head between Jimmy and Charlie. What happens next? CLIFFHANGER!

Don’t worry. This will actually get resolved quick than you think. Originally, this comic was supposed to be double-sized. But then I realized it really didn’t have to be. So, instead, I broke it in two and am going to finish it up this week so it’s in the queue and ready to go for Monday. BUFFER!

I really wanted to post two comics this week as a way to make up for last week’s extraordinarily late comic. But I figured it would be more prudent to post next week’s comic on-time instead. Send all complaints to the management.

I suppose it might be more realistic if Jimmy were taken aback by Charlie’s recent admissions. To be told that your betrothed really didn’t want to marry you out of fear for commitment would probably give most people pause. So I hope you don’t find it poor writing the Jimmy is just kind of bulldozing past that revelation. I have a deadline to keep, you know.

Truthfully, I was more interested in establishing a romantic tone with this comic than anything else. Jimmy possesses certainty. He’s served his penance and wants to move on. Does he have enough certainty for both himself and Charlie? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was listening to The Corin Tucker Band’s “It’s Always Summer” on an infinite repeat as I was working on this comic last night. Call me crazy, but I think that song is sexy as hell. Don’t believe me? LISTEN TO IT!

Incidentally, if you feel the same way I do and want to own this song for yourself, I’ve included a helpful link. Seriously. You should buy it. It’s a great album.


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↓ Transcript
Maybe I should be upset that you were afraid to commit back then, Charlie...

...but I'm not.

We're different people now. I don't care about the past.

The only thing I want to know now is... we have a future?