Jimmy, Charlie, date, advice, high school sweetheart, hard to get, dismiss

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  1. David

    Adorable photo. Amusing comic. What more can I want in a weekly updating website?

  2. Legacy

    Hey, Its been a while since I checked in, and wanted to look back through the comics I missed etc… I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve tried it on multiple browsers now and the archives seem to be kind of messed up. Most months are only showing one entry, I can only cycle backward through months, not forward…

    Is there some sort of archive issue or is this on my end?

    • Tom

      Legacy, how are you attempting to access the archives? Are you using the calendar near the top right of the comic?

      If you’re clicking on the month, it should show you the whole month. If you’re click on an individual date, then you need to click on the comic title for it display regularly within the site – and to make available the comic navigation below it.

      I know that sounds kind of messed up, but clicking on an individual date brings up the “single” page in WordPress.

      Let me know if that does not help.

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