A few months ago, the teaser for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance -ahem- lit the internet on fire with it’s depiction of a gleeful Johnny Blaze urinating napalm over some unsuspecting victims. This time Nicholas Cage and his crazy wigs are back with a new trailer.

It’s a lot more plot-heavy and serious in tone than the first one. I don’t know if I’m on board with it, or not. Especially now that I know that rescuing a kid from becoming the Anti-Christ is the main plot point.

It looks a little euro-trashy, doesn’t it? If I’m not mistaken, they did a lot of filming in Romania.

But you know what? The action scenes look sick. Speed. Power. Authority. Those were the words that kept coming to mind for me while I was watching this. Whoever decided to give the Rider that charred look hit the nail on the head. I’d rather the film be trashy but serious instead of trashy and goofy like the first one.

What’s your take on the least-likely superhero movie sequel since Rise of the Silver Surfer? Leave your comments below!