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  1. thenoirguy

    “Mary wondered why no one was following him. But she soon realized her deadly mistake when HE FOLLOWED HER.”

    • Tom


      We need to make a game of this.

      What are some other suggested pitch lines for RETWEETED?

      • Jackson

        RETWEETED II. Some trending topics…refuse to die.

        • Tom

          Good one!

          • thenoirguy

            “The tweeter that can’t be blocked! The tweets that won’t stay deleted! The hash tags that weren’t there before but are there now and they’re super long with no capital letters so they’re really hard to read!!!”

            “What the, I don’t remember putting #youllbethefirstonetodie on my twee-OH GOD!”

        • thenoirguy

          Retweeted 3D: The Undead Failwhale

  2. CW

    Horror has always been slow to catch up to technology. Long after cell phones became something everyone had, horror movies were still struggling to come up with ways to keep their characters from just reaching in their pockets and dialing 911 (and none of them ever managed to address it as well as the first Harold and Kumar movie).

    That said, I would definitely go see Retweeted. Or better yet, rent it and watch at home, where I could tweet about it while I watched.

  3. bryan

    It is all fun and games until somebody tweets an eye out.


  4. Jackson

    Oh man. Tom’s derpy expression in panel 2 is absolutely killin’ me.

    • Tom

      Tom shoots off at the mouth so often, I figured it was time to represent that a little more clearly. 😉

  5. Charley

    I’m going to give Cami a pass and assume she’s in the middle of turning off her cell phone during the previews. She doesn’t seem like the type that would text during a movie.

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