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  1. FSugino

    The movie was terrible, but Nick Swardson wasn’t that loathsome this time around. In fact, he was tolerable and played the guy with a conscience. Well, more of a conscience than Danny McBride’s character. Don’t let the trailer fool you – that line about satanic worship being the best two weeks of his life? Not in the flick.

  2. Michael Kinyon
    Michael Kinyon

    The real debate here isn’t about the movie. The debate is whether or not it’s “BA DUM TSSH” or “BA DUM KSSH”. I have always thought it was the latter.

    • Tom

      I didn’t want “KSSH” to be confused with “KISS.”

      Because, yeah… That makes total sense.

  3. Wombat

    Hey Tom, Great to see you and Gordon again. Didn’t mention it at the show, but the new banner looked great. Really eye catching.

  4. Kit

    So McBride and Swardson. How could that be made any worse?? Ah yes, it stars Aziz Ansari as well.

  5. David

    Clearly I need to make a trip out to Chicago next year for this convention. After reading of you going to conventions for a few years now, I’m jealous of the other fans!

    • Tom

      I endorse this plan!

      I still haven’t decided if I’ll go to C2E2 or Chicago Comic Con, but I’m probably 80% leaning toward Comic Con. It’s a great show – especially if you like meeting celebrities from film and television. C2E2 is most certainly about comics and the mainstream publishers.

  6. Jay

    I have no desire to see 30 Minutes or Less, but after doing an IMDb search of Nick Swardson, I found a role that isn’t that irritating: “Insane Bowie Fan” from Almost Famous.

    Granted, that’s my favorite movie of all time, but the one tiny scene he’s in is pretty funny, even if it contains the nonsense phrase “hamburgers for the Apocalypse.”

    So, you know, there you go.

    • Tom

      Sawrdson has been around that long? That’s more depressing than I realized.

  7. Phil

    Tom, life is too short to waste it watching junk like that- go and see Arrietty.

  8. Kerry

    You may not feel good about this joke, Mr. Brazelton, but somebody had to say it!
    I’m sure you’ll get us next time.

  9. Joshua

    My wife and I watched 30 Minutes or Less last week. I thought it was okay. Honestly, it was our last choice, but we just moved and weren’t sure where a good theater was. The only we went to wasn’t showing any of the shows we wanted to see. I’d have liked it as a rental, but it was what it was: mildly humorous and entertaining for a lazy afternoon.

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