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  1. Gordon

    Jared looks like he’s kissing that photo of Shia in the magazine. I’m not so sure he really “hates” The Beef. I think he’s grappling with some inner turmoil.

    • Tom

      He’s smelling the cologne inserts.

  2. CW

    Shia’s reaction in the last panel is a nice touch.

  3. Fourthords

    We’re glad you’re feeling better! We don’t need your comics more than you need your health.

  4. trevor

    Did Shia pee himself in the last panel?

    • Tom


      Yes he did.

  5. Chris Howard

    Turn that ad into a drawing and have it link to that strip and go ahead and run it. then run it again every time he has a crappy new movie. For years!

    • The 45
      The 45

      Agreed. Though, personally I don’t hate him… Not to say I like him. I’m just indifferent to Shia in general (though I can’t think of 1 movie he’s made that I liked)

    • Tom

      I’m so bad about that kind of planning, though. I’m usually deadline-driven, doing stuff at the last minute.

      I had a “Make Shia advertisment” reminder on my To-Do list for at least 2 months in anticipation of Transformers 3 and I didn’t do it.


  6. DaveKyzer

    why is Shia dressed as Han Solo?

    • Liam

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • Tom

      I… hadn’t thought of it like that.

      Now I can’t unsee it.

  7. David

    Love the comic. It was worth the delay. I’m glad you’re starting to feel well again Tom. Also, please make a drawing version of that ad, and do as Chris H. above mentioned. I think that’d be amazing.

  8. Stranger

    I cant stand Shia, everytime I see on screen, I want to punch him

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