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  1. Staatz

    That was a great comic, great way to start a Monday. Thanks!

  2. CW

    Who do I see about procuring a Pepsi mule?

    • Tom

      If I had my druthers, they’d be on every corner.

  3. trevor

    The casting rumors for Superman are less interesting to me (personally) than the casting rumors for Batman. It’s going to be like Inception 2…but with Christian Bale running around in a Batman costume, instead of Leo Dicapprio trying to make his eyebrows touch the entire movie.

    That said, if Chris Nolan wanted to remake a Rat Pack movie (pick one, doesn’t matter which) with that cast, it would be an awesome flick. Plus, those guys make me want to go out and buy a vest.

  4. Liz

    Meh. If Lindsay Lohan being in the movie doesn’t sway me toward or against seeing the movie. If her career is starting up again, good for her?

    In slightly related news, I saw Super this weekend. My main reaction was “Um…okay?” It dribbled the ball in funny for a while, then it hurled it down the other end into insanity and stayed there. I’m still not even sure if I liked it, and I have a huge girl-crush on Ellen Page.

    • Tom

      I’d very much like to see Super. From everything I’ve read, it at once embraces and rejects comic book culture in a way that might be satisfying to people who have grown tired of super hero movies as a genre.

      Basically, it’s what Kick-Ass would have been had it not been reverent to the subject matter.

      • Liz

        I really enjoyed Kick-Ass. I thought it was great. I’m all for not sugar coating things, but Super just seemed like it went a little too far. Maybe that’s just me.

  5. TianRee

    Absolutely brilliant, I did wonder where you were going to go with this one after reading on Twitter.
    As for the rumour and why Lindsay, I remember a football agent over here who used to “leak” rumours about his clients leaving a team everytime they fell out of the spotlight, not to boost their chances for a team but for sponsorship etc, there could be a hint of that here, not that I’d for one moment suggest that agents might lie oh no!

  6. Stranger

    >:/ A team of Pun Police SWAT officers have been dispatched to your house to dispense justice for your crime against comedy in this strip. Please, do not attempt to flee.

  7. Stuart T
    Stuart T

    1- Dear God, I hope not.

    2- That’s the angriest mule I have ever seen….

    • Tom

      It’s not so much anger as embarrassment for having to be seen with Lohan…

  8. Allan

    Aside from the fact that Lindsay seems to be too young to mix well with the rest of the cast, why in the world bother taking a chance on her of all people? Especially when the rest of the cast looks so good? Only reasons I could see for throwing her in the mix is that they A) want a little controversy and B) they’re running out of money in the budget and could get her on the cheap.

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