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  1. Lando

    I’m going to see Scream 4 but only for the Nostalgia factor. The Scream franchise made me seek out other horror flicks from as far back as the 1930’s so I feel I owe it the benifit of the doubt.

    I thought New Nightmare was an awesome flick. I am very much a horror movie guy and thought that apart from the first Nightmare, that New Nightmare was the best in the series.

    • Tom

      Well, yeah… New Nightmare was okay. But it didn’t revitalize the franchise like they thought it would. They had more luck getting people to care with Freddy Vs. Jason. People didn’t even seem to notice the reboot with Jackie Earle Haley.

      • Brandon J. Carr

        It’s or the best that people didn’t notice. It was awful.

  2. Kent

    Pretty Funny. Not to be rude, but the faces Tom is making, the position of the arm in the last panel & the ‘noise’ he makes (not to mention the poster’s face), seems like he may REALLY LIKE the series after all. *wink* *wink* (I’ll go dig my mind out of the gutter now)

    • Tom

      I know where you’re going and I had the same thought.

      I was taking reference pictures of myself yawning last night and thought it would be fun to post some of them to my Facebook page after the comic was published.

      Then I was like, “Noooo. It’s only a matter of time before someone goes all Perez Hilton on them and crudely draws a penis over my face.”

  3. bman (The Underfold)

    I’m not sure what it is, but the sound affects in the last panel seem dirty… I don’t like it.

    • Tom

      I’m probably using some kind of Bosnian slang for testicles and not even realizing it.

  4. Stranger

    ….seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Do we really need a new Scream movie? Is there some kind of demand for overrated franchises I was previously unaware of?

    Also, that new title sucks, it looks like it says “Scram”

    • Tom

      In this case, I think “Scram” would be a very apt title.

  5. Lanthal

    Now you’re making me yawn… STOP IT! πŸ˜›

  6. CW

    My main problem with the Scream 4 poster is the tagline. It says “New decade. New rules.” But they forgot to add “Same old plot.”

    • Tom

      Damn! I should have had YOU write this week’s comic! For real!

      Yeah, I noticed that tagline, too. I didn’t understand what it meant to communicate. “New decade? Ohhhh shhhh—-! All bets are OFF!”

  7. David Welsh

    I’ve never liked any of the Scream movies, but maybe I was jealous because in 6th grade everybody was talking about them and my parents wouldn’t let me see it. By the time I got around to it, I didn’t care.

    But I have to say that even though New Nightmare didn’t revitalize the franchise, it is one of my favorite horror films ever made. In the end, I think that matters more.

    I want to like the remake, but I can’t really. I like Freddy when he’s funny, but the new one was too dark. And on the flip side of that, I don’t like how they tried to make you sympathize with him for part of the movie. Freddy is funny because you do feel terrible laughing with him, but you should never feel bad for him.

  8. David

    The first horror film I ever saw was the first Scream, at a friend’s sleepover (anyone still remember those?). Let’s just say when my mother found out what I had watched there she was not happy.

    In that regard, Scream series holds a certain nostalgia for me. I saw the first two, and honestly hold the first one up as a grade A teen slasher, a 90s version of Halloween etc. Which was the point and it succeeded very well in that regard. With that said, I’ll probably see this on DVD or Netflix. Insidious however I want to see in theaters before it disapears from them.

  9. Frankie D.
    Frankie D.

    “Did Wes Craven learn nothing from New Nightmare? ”

    What do you mean? Isn’t that where the whole concept for the Scream series came from in the first place?

    • Tom

      It did? It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, so I guess that’s somewhat hazy to me.

      Please explain! πŸ™‚

      • Frankie D.
        Frankie D.

        The whole “pointing out the tropes of horror films” bit?

  10. Doshi

    Wasn’t the Scream franchise originally supposed to be a parody of horror (particularly slasher) films? With that in mind, is it any wonder it’s turned out like the Scary Movie franchise?

    • Keira

      It is funny you should compare the two franchises like that since the original title for “Scream” was “Scary Movie”, something that Bob Weinstein had them change halfway during production.

  11. JBL

    Great comic, and I make the same noise Tom does when I’m done with a yawn. For better or worse. I couldn’t find a pole long enough not to touch Scream 4 with…

    • Tom

      I’m just glad I’m not alone on the yawning thing…

  12. JClark

    No, Scream wasn’t a parody of slasher flicks, it wa a deconstruction of them. It’s a genre movie that is clearly aware of that fact and toys with what that means. If anything it’s several decades of slasher movies perfectly distilled and commented upon.

    I still think the second was better though. The aftermath is rarely treated with any sort of realism or gravity in slasher movies.

  13. JClark

    Oh, and before anyone points this out, yes parodies do comment on their source material. But they poke fun. Scream is clearly in love with, and nostalgic for its source.

    • Tom

      I thought Halloween II did a good job exploring the aftermath.

      But you’re right. In general, horror movies don’t explore this enough.

  14. TianRee

    I’ve got to be honest I don’t really remember much about the last Scream movie, just that the killers took a lot of damage before they kicked the bucket. that and it had a great soundtrack, I worked in a cinema when it was out and it was the best music during the credits of any of the films out at the time, got to respect that in a film thinking of the worker πŸ™‚

  15. Norman Greene
    Norman Greene

    I just got back from Scre4m (Damn number inserts) and it was really good. After 3 I was worried but this one was a return to form. In fact I’d say it was as good as 2.

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