I had a hard time deciding what today’s comic should be about. I weighed my options and considered doing a comic either about Your Highness or Arthur. I also tried to decide if I would do a comic about the four minutes of footage from Green Lantern that was shown at Wondercon this weekend…

…but it didn’t really elicit a strong reaction from me one way or the other.

Even though I had somewhat swam in these waters before, I decided to do a comic about Your Highness only because it’s the only film even peripherally on my radar.

That said, the fact that Natalie Portman wearing a thong is the only thing from the marketing of this movie that I can remember doesn’t speak well of it’s overall entertainment value.

It’s kind of easy to make a joke at the expense of fanboys that are interested in seeing Queen Amidala’s butt. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, “Y’know, guys. There are MUCH better opportunities to see this kind of thing and in MUCH better movies.” Both Closer and Hotel Chevalier came to mind.

Of course Hotel Chevalier is a short film, not a feature. But I’m willing to be it’s about four times as sexy as Your Highness. Danny McBride’s involvement in ANY film cuts it’s potential for sexiness by half.

Then again… Zooey Deschanel is in Your Highness. Ooo! Conflicted!

While conversationally honest, I am aware that today’s comic lacks the pizazz of my last few efforts. I was also a little worried that references to Mike Nichols and Wes Anderson might go over the heads of some. I was feeling bad about that.

But every time I underestimate you guys, I always end up surprised. So let’s all pretend that this is the funniest comic I’ve ever written and laugh heartily together as brothers and sisters!

Or not.

Let’s talk about Your Highness. Are you making plans to see it this weekend? How do you feel about Danny McBride? Is his cocky loser persona starting to wear thin, or is it just me? Leave your comments below!

↓ Transcript
Just wanted to let you know I won't be home Friday night.

Jared and I are going to see Your Highness.

Is that the one where Natalie Portman shows her butt in a thong for three seconds?

I seriously don't understand why fanboys are getting so worked up about that...

...especially when she shows so much more in Closer and Hotel Chevalier!

Of course.

Because fans of stoner comedies are TOTALLY up on what Mike Nichols and Wes Anderson are doing.