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  1. Liz

    Jason Statham was filming a movie in my city a couple of months ago (I think it was called Safe?), and I actually saw him on the street. I didn’t think “Oh hey, movie star!” I thought “Oh hey, gun for hire!” I think at this point, he probably could be a trained assassin because it’s one of the only things he seems to play anymore. I didn’t see The Mechanic. I think it looks interesting, but not enough for me to pay $11 to see it. I’ll wait till it’s on DVD.

    I did, however, see The King’s Speech this weekend, and I enjoyed it immensely. I realize that it’s kind of one of those “How to Win an Oscar” Mad Libs movies, but it was a lot better than I anticipated. A lot of Oscar-winning movies bore me to tears, but this had humor and actually made me care. I recommend that if you get a chance to see it.

    • Tom

      Liz, I absolutely agree with your assessment of The King’s Speech. Cami and I saw it a couple of weeks ago and we’re still taking about it.

  2. Mark Monlux

    I did see the Mechanic over the weekend. But only because my friend tricked me into watching it saying he got us tickets for “True Grit.” Now my wife is ticked because she wanted to see it with me. Meanwhile, I’m all, “Hello? Did anybody besides me see the original 1972 Charles Bronson movie of which this is a remake?”

  3. David

    I was going to see the Mechanic, especially after seeing Jason Statham in person at the SoHo, NYC Apple Store, but it wasn’t in the cards this weekend. Saw Green Hornet again instead. Was funny the 2nd time too!

    “I am ungassable!”

  4. Gerardo

    Im actually looking forward to seeing Foster in this movie, I was sold on him from his performance in the movie “Hostage” which is surprisingly underrated. I’m also always down for watching Statham kick some ass, i’m a die hard Chelio fan and will prob. continue watching him play any character that resembles him, even if it is getting a little old.

  5. Joshua

    I haven’t really been that excited about movies coming out lately. I’d definitely rent The Mechanic, but not watch it in the theatre. I like Statham. I’ll watch pretty much anything he’s in, but very rarely does he release a movie that can draw me to the theatre. I’ve been burned too many times. Ben Foster did peak my interests, but they quickly waned. My wife really wants to see The Rite. I’m interested in it, so we’ll probably see that on Monday.

  6. johnholliday

    I am actually really interested in seeing the Mechanic because I love Statham. But with the same apprehension and for the same reason I had going into the Expendables. The Mechanic is a remake of probably one of Charles Bronson’s best 80’s B action vehicle. In my opinion better than any of the Death Wish franchises and as a bonus co-stars a pre coke spiral Jan Micheal Vincent. And if you are old enough the team of Bronson and the pilot of Airwolf was golden. My problem is the original was high on suspense and tension with a near perfect twist ending, and the violence while fairly high was of the subtle variety. And my guess is the remake is going to be high on visceral violence and low on suspense and atmosphere.

    Just like the Expendables I plan to wait for it to hit the redbox because I have been burned too many times buy pretty trailers the last few years. But if you are the type of person who can watch a movie that was shot on film with mid budget lighting I the original Bronson version is a rare elevation of the eighties summer times tough guy kills people movie.

    • johnholliday

      Corrections. The original was actually made in 1972 but In my youth I always assumed it was an 80’s movie because it was on network tv from time to time. Back when movies got shown on broadcast tv. Also sorry about spelling mistakes, twelve hour shift and netbook lead to bad typing.

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