Natalie Portman, No Strings Attached, Black Swan, casual sex, lesbian, thong, Your Highness, slap, complaining

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  1. Mark Monlux

    I misread your comic the first time through and had “Your Highness” as “Your Thighness.” Thanks for directing my mind towards the gutter.

    • Tom

      “Thong” + “Your Highness” = “Your Thighness.”

      I can follow your train of thought!

  2. Liz

    Is it wrong for me to be super psyched about Your Highness, and not just because Natalie Portman will be in the thong?

    Also, she’s nominated for the Oscar! I am surprised about Mila Kunis not being nominated for Best Supporting, though. AND HELLO, WHERE IS CHRISTOPHER NOLAN IN THE BEST DIRECTOR CATEGORY?

  3. Kris

    A friend showed me the trailer for Your Highness, thinking I would love it (he should know better; I hate everything he likes, typically). First I saw James Franco, and I went “Eeehhhh, yeah, I don’t think so.” Then I saw Natalie Portman and went “Oh, yeah, hell no. I don’t want to see this at all.” That was two strikes, with nothing much telling me it was a movie I needed to see anyway.

    Also, that Ashton Kutcher rom-com looks awful. I wish I could scrub the commercials I keep seeing from my memory.

    • taekwondogirl

      So you don’t like Christopher Bale AND you don’t like Natalie Portman? And to an irrational degree? I’m trying to refrain from a personal attack but you’re really coming off as someone who dislikes things just because everyone else likes them, regardless of the actual merit of the object in question. Perhaps if you explained WHY you dislike these people to the extent you did in a way that makes it seem more than just a knee-jerk reaction, I’d be able to see it for more than just that.

  4. Bryan

    After reading your mention of Natalie Portman’s chances at the Acadamy Awards vs vernerable British Actresses I am imagining a super group of Dame Voltronabeth. Can 5 notable Actresses assemble a giant robot Elizabeth to protect the realm and dominate the world?

  5. JBL

    The comic is funny, the expressions priceless, and the violence — ever hear of a guy called Don Martin? You’re on his turf with this one.

    • Tom

      I’m taking that Don Martin comparison TO THE BANK, sir!

  6. 8one6

    The expressions look great!

  7. Joshua

    I don’t find Natalie Portman too attractive. She’s clearly pretty, and she’s got the type of look I like, but something about her doesn’t do it for me. Regardless, your comic I found highly amusing. One of my favorites of recent history.

    • Tom

      Thanks for your compliments! I appreciate them!

  8. taekwondogirl

    You know, I really like Natalie Portman and she’s definitely one of my role models/people I have a crush on. However, I am absolutely sick and tired of commercials for No Strings Attached. They are shoving this damned movie down everyone’s throats.

  9. Lien

    The second panel reminded me of the batman meme “My parents are dead!” pic.

    Was that the inspiration tom?

    • Tom

      That’s the reference exactly.

      Good eye!

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