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  1. Bryan

    the address is hilarious. I love little jokes like that.

    • Tom

      Thanks. I don’t usually see a lot of opportunities to do stuff like that in my own work – I sometimes feel like my mind isn’t geared that way – but I’m a fan of little details that are thrown in off the cuff.

    • David

      I agree. It’s a great, amusing detail you added in Tom. Also, the tie-in with the never ending cardboard costumes is great. Yet, the Tron costume isn’t cardboard, is it? Or is it a special blend that hugs the skin better? lol

      • Tom

        No, Tom’s Tron costume isn’t cardboard and that decision was deliberate.

        I haven’t figured it out yet, but I think there’s comedy to be mined from the discrepancy between technology and cardboard. ;D

  2. trevor

    I am all kinds of excited for Tron 2. I can barely contain myself, but really don’t want to risk miss seeing the flick by doing something that’ll land me in jail again.

    Just kidding. Or am I….? 😉

  3. Ryan Mahood
    Ryan Mahood

    Wait… I thought (at least in the strip) that your dad was taken away by a movie reel mishap. (Killing the guy sitting beside Tom..) The only reason I recall this is because I remember laughing so hard at that previous strip that I spat out the beer, and ruined an otherwise good keyboard. 🙂

    Also I’ll work on getting you a copy of Gunless… Canadian Western… Call it a Foreign Film.

    • Tom

      Wow! Good memory! Originally I was going to say he was dead in today’s strip, but decided against it. Maybe I need to change that.

      Sorry about your keyboard! 🙂

  4. Link

    I was gonna mention that as well, but as they say: “ninja’d!”

    No offense, but Cami looks kinda odd in the first two panels.

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