I’m a little bit amazed that The Expendables managed to hold on to its number one slot at the box office the weekend. I figured people would get their little nostalgic kick and it would fade into the background. But it held strong with another $16.5 million in ticket sales.

Although, admittedly, the newest offerings at the theater were pretty weak sauce. Vampires Suck? Seriously? Who is this movie for? Twilight fans are gonna reject it on principle alone. People who probably hate Twilight are probably smart enough to recognize a crappy parody movie when they see one.

What’s been REALLY surprising is watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World tumble from 5th to 10th place. It lost over 50% of it’s business in one week. That stings. Whatever happened to the strong word of mouth on this thing that was going to give it a bounce in its second week? I gotta admit I’m feeling a little sorry for Bryan Lee O’Malley at this point.

Then again, he had a major motion picture adapted from his work and that will never, EVER happen for me. So I’m sure he’s doing just fine. 🙂

Quick bit of site news and life news that I want to share with you guys…

Since I redesigned the site earlier this year, one area of the site that’s been lacking has been the store. To say that it’s impacted sales is an understatement. However, I was content to overlook it because I was busy packaging and trying to find time to complete sketches for people who had pre-ordered Theater Hopper: Year Three. I wasn’t really in the position to take on new orders.

But in the next month, I’ll be going through a major life change that has forced my hand in regard to getting rid of some merchandise.

At the end of September, Cami and I are packing up Truman and the kids and moving to a new house.

It’s not a drastic move. We’re still staying in central Iowa. We’re pretty much trading one suburb for the other. Actually, we’re moving back to our hometown to be closer to both my parents and Cami’s parents, who still live there.

One of the big reasons Cami and I never moved away from Iowa is because knew when we had kids, we wanted them to have a strong relationship with their grandparents. Now that Henry is 3 and Pearl is almost a year, it didn’t make sense to live a half hour away anymore. So we decided to move closer!

ANYWAY… as you know, moving can be a chore and I’m sitting on a bunch of merchandise I’m not really interested in moving to the new house if I don’t have to – ESPECIALLY the books.

That’s why I’ve launched a new Storenvy store and have DRASTICALLY cut prices on ALL of my inventory!

SUPER SECRET SHOPPER TIP: People who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will be entitled to EXTRA savings!

Right now all books are $11.00 and all shirts are $7.00. There are also a few clearance items that I have priced to move. There’s limited inventory on those clearance items. So if you want them, you’ll need to move fast!

This sale will be taking place from now until Sunday, September 19. But if you want to be sure you get your pick of the litter, be sure to order early! Also, the likelihood of you receiving your orders in a timely manner will GREATLY improve in the weeks before moving to a new house slowly drives me insane.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to to buy Theater Hopper merchandise! Even if you own everything we’ve ever produced, this is a great opportunity to buy something for a loved one on their birthday or even for the holidays!

Please help spread the word and thanks again for your support!

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I can't believe I let you talk me into seeing The Expendables,

Right this way, m'lday.


Now THAT was a manly movie!

YEAH! Thanks for the heads up, jerks!