I knew sooner or later that I would have to explain Victor’s functional costume. I found it funny that he used electrified whips to discipline his employees before Iron Man 2 came out. That it happened to look like Whiplash’s power suit was merely coincidence.

I don’t know if the science behind Victor’s invention is sound. Stripping the casing from extension cords probably wouldn’t produce the effect illustrated in the last few strips. But I claim Artistic License. Ya’ can’t touch me with a ten-foot pole!

I’m probably going to wrap up this story line on Friday, but I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do it. Having defeated Victor and explained his costume, there’s not much left for the crew to accomplish but actually go see the movie.

I suppose I could end the story line right here, but I have this obsessive compulsive thought that story lines need to end on a Friday so I can start fresh on Monday.

I talked about doing a “cast portrait” of everyone in their costumes in the comments section of Monday’s comic to serve as a book-end. Also as a way of saying good-bye to the story line in a way. It’s not a particularly funny solution, but I’m leaning in that direction unless something better pops into my head. We’ll see.

Not much else to say beyond that. Looking forward to maybe see MacGruber this weekend, but I have no firm plans yet.

“That’s what she said.”

Oh, Michael Scott.


↓ Transcript
Wow. You guys really saved my bacon. Thanks.

What I don't understand is how Victor was able to weaponize his costume like that!

Oh, it's not a costume.

It's a custom rig he constructed himself. The whips are made from extension cords he stripped the casings from!

He plugs them in and whips us with them when we forget to refill the ice machine...