I floated the concept of this comic to Cami late last night and her response – her exact words were, “So, the premise of the comic is that you would rather fly to Korea than see a movie with your wife?”

“Pretty much,” I said. “Yeah.”

So I’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month…

Naw, I kid. Cami takes this stuff in stride. Although, I always feel a little dodgey representing our relationship in the comic as duplicitous or cruel. We kid around, naturally. But we don’t make it a habit of lying to one another.

Comedic license and all that. I’m sure you guys understand!

After nearly 4 years since her last movie (an eternity in Hollywood years) Jennifer Lopez has returned with The Back-Up Plan. If you don’t know the plot, it centers around a women in her 40’s (Lopez) who can’t find “The One” (uhhh, sure) and who conceives twins through artificial insemination.

Later, she meets the man of her dreams and the film explores the stages of a relationship as they develop completely out of sequence.

I pretty much checked-out on the concept of this movie after viewing the trailer. In which, there is a scene where Lopez walks with her knees locked together, presumably after visiting the insemination clinic, to keep the business from falling out.

As a dude, I don’t know how everything works down there, ladies. But I’m pretty much 99.9% sure you wouldn’t have to walk like that after having the procedure. Maybe the reason Lopez’s character hasn’t met “The One” yet is because she is an out-and-out moron.

I asked Cami if she was at all interested in seeing this movie and she thinks it looks stupid. Instead, we’re going to take Henry to see Disney’s Oceans and see how that goes over instead. We saw Disney’s Earth last year and even though it was put together from recycled footage from The Discovery Channel’s series Planet Earth, it was still a marvel to see on the big screen.

Henry is very funny about movies when we suggest them to him. If we ask him if he wants to see a movie or watch a DVD, he automatically says “No. I hate movies.” As you can imagine, this breaks my heart. But, you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt. Henry is a very determined little child and doesn’t entertain distractions very well.

Say, for example, Henry wants to go outside. It doesn’t matter if you asked him if he wanted a piece of candy instead of going outside. He’d still turn you down and say he hated candy because he is so focused on that ONE THING he wants.

He’ll be fine once we plop him down in the theater. We’ve taken him to a few films now and he never has a problem sitting through them. We’re looking forward to it.

At some point, I’m need to see Kick-Ass. I didn’t get a chance to check it out when I was in Chicago last weekend for C2E2. I’ve talked to some friends that were over the moon for it and I’ve talked to some friends that say the third act pretty much betrays the concept established by the first two-thirds of the movie. I think my expectations are in check, but I still want to see it.

Not much news, otherwise. Settling into a groove since coming back from the show. I’m slowly putting all of my shirts and books back into storage.

I have a plan for updating the Theater Hopper store in the near future either using the Magento or Open Cart shopping cart interface. I haven’t decided which. Once that happens, you should be able to buy a few new items including Theater Hopper: Year Three, a new shirt and a set of five 1″ buttons that I designed for the show. All good stuff.

Of course, this can only happen once I’ve shipped off everything for the people who preordered Year Three. They’re my priority right now. All the envelopes are addressed and packed up. Some are ready to be shipped. Some still need custom artwork. I need to develop a schedule for that so I can get those books out the door. I’m about a month behind where I want to be with that. Not good.

But, yeah. That’s my life right now. Thanks for swinging by the site today. Does anyone have aspirations to see The Back-Up Plan this weekend? If so, you’re braver than I. Lemme know your thoughts and feelings in the comments section and I will catch up with you soon!


↓ Transcript
Patti is making me see The Back-Up Plan with her.

Sounds like you could have used a back-up plan of your own!

What about us? We're still seeing The Back-Up Plan, right?

Of course, honey!

One please.