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  1. Mark

    You may be the 2nd to last state to get IMAX, here in Delaware we travel to King of Prussia, PA 90 min drive to see IMAX

    • Steve

      @Mark, then I must live in the last state… Alaska. We still don’t have one, and rumor has been flying lately that one is coming soon. But, I think it’s the new Olive Garden, which means anytime someone in this town sees any sizable construction project, rumor starts flying “there’s going to be an Olive Garden there!” Yea… we still don’t have one of those either.

  2. Wiredwizard

    Not going to happen no matter how much I’d love to. $25 to get into the space science center & then another $19 on top for an IMAX ticket. Hell’s Bells, it’s be cheaper to see it at the IMAX at the Mall, ‘cept that one only runs cinematic movies. There’s $15 (plus $3 if it’s IMAX 3D).

    • Tom

      Wow. So your science center won’t let you in to their IMAX theater without paying an admission fee on top of the ticket price? That’s lame.

      Our IMAX charges $8 for 45 minute movies and I think $11 or $12 for theatrical runs. You get a DISCOUNT if you also buy a ticket to the science center.

  3. chuckers

    Tom, between the comic and the blog post, you have “Hubble” spelled 3 different ways.

    At least you got the one in the comic correct.

    • Tom

      Ugh. Sorry about that. I was up late when I wrote the blog. Gonna go back and fix those typos now.

  4. Chains

    I was about to point that out, too. Spelling nazis for teh win!

    But hey, at least your site gets almost highscore when googling for “hubbell imax”. Gotta enjoy the little things..!

  5. Fortran

    One nice thing about living in the DC area? Three, count ’em, three IMAX theatres. And I’m counting the real ones here, we have a few of the IMAX-lite theatres as well at AMC ‘plexes.

    And I am planning to see the Hubble film soon but I’m waiting for a bit. Seeing an IMAX film at the Air & Space Museum on the weekend is adventure most of the time, but when a new film comes out…ack!

  6. WG

    I would go and see it if I knew of a closer IMAX theater than the one at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It kind of sucks living in the middle of Northern Illinois. No IMAX, no jobs, etc. etc.

    It does sound like an awesome movie. I know that the last mission was to make a final repair on it, because if it breaks again isn’t it going to be allowed to burn up on re-entry? Because isn’t the whole mission technically “over”? I thought I read that the mission was supposed to end something like 10 years ago wasn’t it? Or am I wrong?

    • Tom


      Yup. It was the last hurrah for Hubble. If they weren’t able to make the repairs, the gyroscopes would have failed and it would have plummeted to Earth.

      I don’t know if it was a 10 year mission or not. But considering that Hubble only really worked for a handful of years after it was deployed, it made sense that they extended it.

      Also, I don’t think scientists were expecting the treasure trove of information Hubble has provided them with.

  7. wren1313

    We are fortunate in the “metropolis” of Dayton to have an IMAX theater and we are unfortunate in that it is in the National Museum of the US Air Force. They refuse to show anything except flight & space films so only tourists go & it closes at 5 PM. The current line up includes: ‘The Magic of Flight’, ‘Space Station’, & ‘Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag’. Honestly, I think these are the same 3 movies that have played since the IMAX theater was open at the museum! Since Hubble is space oriented it does look like we are did get it soon (checked the web site). At least it is cheap to get in, only $6.75.

  8. Timewalker

    Dome? Sounds like OmniMax at the St. Louis Science Center. Yeah, the format needs to be specific to that theater. IMAX is just freakin’ huge, whereas OmniMax uses the dome. I saw the Special Effects movie, and most of the shots form films were distorted, but Lucas had let them re-flim the opening to Star Wars with the Tantive IV above Tatooine and it was awesome on the dome.

  9. Molnek

    Man I remember when IMAX was doing testing at the theatre I worked at. I became friends with the people running the tests which meant watching movies in IMAX for free, good times.

  10. R.J. Oltrick
    R.J. Oltrick

    Man, I have to see this movie. Astronomy class and looking up the telescope pictures online really make my mind blow, so to see it in three D and detail… *awed sigh*

    And yeah, I definitely think there is life out there, somewhere. (Ironically, I am one of the few -name religion here, since I want to respect your idea of not starting debates- I know who honestly believes this. In my mind, God or deities don’t just focus on one nation, they focus on our whole world. So why would they just focus on our planet? And in a evolutionary standpoint, can we really be the only planet so lucky?)

    Now, if the aliens ever make it to earth is a totally other matter. I’m guessing ‘no where close to my lifetime’. I’m just hoping when I die and get to the after-life I will be able to sit and chat with someone from three galaxies over.

  11. R.J. Oltrick
    R.J. Oltrick

    …er, why did I write three D and not 3D? Ignore my spaciness, sorry.

  12. A Good Fedora
    A Good Fedora

    The nearest IMAX is four hours away. Ish. I want a nerd date.. *pouts*

  13. spidermitch

    I saw Hubble at the Oregon OmniMax theater last Friday. I was slightly let down. I found the Nova episode, “Hubble’s Amazing Rescue” to be far better in regard to the story of the repair. Having said that, seeing Hubble in IMAX is worth it for the images. I kept wondering if we were seeing computer generated sequences when we dove down into the stellar nursery of the Orion Nebula. My understanding is “no”, which only takes my breath away even more.

    I’d rather they spent more time with the actual images to be honest, as they were inspiring and as you noted, really made me think about the space program. Seems like we as the human race could benefit form pouring more money into space exploration and less into warring. Who knows what we could discover?? Blows my mind just thinking…

  14. Jackson

    I think my favorite part of this strip is that Cami is primarily the one nerding it up. We usually get to see Tom’s nerd side, and it’s good to see Cami getting in on (even initiating!) the nerdity.

    The funky green lighting in panel 2 is a nice touch as well.

  15. trevor

    Heck yeah, nerd date rocks!

  16. Odowan

    I did see Avatar at that very Imax (Des Moines resident, here) and it wasn’t really that bad, though really not my preferred way of seeing a movie. When the shape of the screen and the shape of the film clash, it really kills the effect. Though my biggest problem with the theater is the awful lack of leg room. It was almost painful. If you’ve already seen Avatar in a regular theater, you’re not missing much by skipping it in Imax.

  17. Eli Anthony

    Man, if only my wife was a nerd. I’ve been dying to see this hubble imax thing.

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