Back in the day (which was about two years ago on the internet time-line) I had a Facebook fan page. It was great, but I recently decided that I should take the Facebook thing a little more seriously. So I established a Facebook “business” page instead…

I’m still trying to kind of figure out the difference between the two. But the biggest difference I can determine is that status updates from this page will appear in your feed if you make yourself a fan. So it’s a really great way to stay connected to the comic and reminded of it when it updates.

I’ve been investing some time into making my new Facebook page a little more than just a bookmark on the site. So I’ve added tabs for Cast information as well as popular Story lines. I’ve gotten great feedback on these – people have been asking how I added them, so I assume people are looking at them.

The Cast information is a rehash of what’s already on the site. But the Story lines page is all new content. In fact, I plan on adding to it in the near future! So if you have any suggestions as to what story lines represent Theater Hopper the best, I would love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to leave them in the comments area below.

Of course, if you’d like to become a fan of the new Theater Hopper Facebook page, that would be cool, too.